Consciousness and Diversity Consciousness & Women - Dr. Shelley

Dr. Shelley has been a longtime advocate for women and minorities in the workplace and consults with organizations to help make diversity and inclusion more of a reality.  These are illusive and challenging goals for most organizations. The unconscious plays a particular role in perpetuating the lack of progress for women and other minorities. Becoming aware of unconscious bias – the ways we classify and stereotype other people – and making the roots of these attitudes conscious will go a long way to turn the tide.

Ask yourself what you do on a daily basis that might be a way you treat others not based on who they are, but on who you prejudge them to be? Universities and legal and judicial systems have been raising awareness about microinequities and microaggressions, referring to the small ways that human beings interact and unwittingly convey discriminatory feelings. You know how subtle this can be –– an offhand remark, a smirk, a wink, a tone that says volumes about who is accepted and who is condescended to, tolerated, or humored. At the root of these behaviors is unconscious bias. We must become conscious of what it is that we carry that influences how we are looking at people and situations. Unless we do the work, we will get it wrong.

Without awareness on a micro level there can be no real inclusion. United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (2013, 163) cautions us that, “The dynamism of any diverse community depends not only on the diversity itself, but on promoting a sense of belonging among those who formerly would have been considered and felt themselves outsiders.”

Diversity and inclusion must go hand in glove.

Women in the Workplace

Women in the workplace - Dr. ShelleyDr. Shelley has been researching and writing about women in the workplace since 1995. She has helped thousands of women through corporate programs, coaching, and psychotherapy to understand their internal playing field and how it interacts with what goes on externally in the workplace. She created a corporate seminar for client companies entitled “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Within©” focusing on female leadership which is popular with senior women in business and women’s organizations. Dr. Reciniello is dedicated to helping professional women overcome external and internal barriers to success, health, and fulfillment. She has written academic papers that were praised for her unique perspective and insight, including “The Emergence of a Powerful Female Workforce as a Threat to Organizational Identity,” in the American Behavioral Scientist, October 1999, Sage Publications, and “Is Woman the Future of Man: An Exploration of the Potential of Women in the Knowledge Economy and of the Problem of Gender Inequality in the Workplace,” which was published in the British Journal of Organisational and Social Dynamics 11(2) 151-174,Tarnac Press, London.

Praise for “Is Woman the Future of Man”

“Dr. Shelley Reciniello’s unique perspective is derived from over thirty year experience as a psychological consultant to Wall Street and other financial institutions. She is an expert on female leadership and gender inequality in the workplace. Her unique views are captured in what will be viewed as an important and thought-provoking contribution.” – Michael Diamond, Ph.D., Director, Center for the Study of Organizational Change, University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Shelley provides leadership development programs and executive coaching for senior women.