Other Areas of Expertise

The Arts

The Arts - Dr. ShelleyDr. Shelley has a special and personal expertise in the arts and working with artists. Her doctoral dissertation was entitled “Toward an Understanding of the Performing Artist” and created a psychological profile of actors and dancers in three categories: students, working professionals, and famous performers and looked at the intersection of personality and creativity.  She views creativity as the healthiest part of the self and works privately with actors, dancers, singers, painters, writers, and other artists.

Dr. Shelley also consults to organizations in the arts and entertainment. She has run groups for theatrical companies and provided clinical character descriptions and understanding to actors.


Fashion - Dr. ShelleyDr. Shelley has been consulting to fashion companies, schools, individual designers, and entrepreneurs for many years. She has also worked in the related industries of fragrance and cosmetics. She was once an internal spokesperson for Avon and accompanied Sally Jesse Raphael as psychological expert on an Avon district managers tour.

An avid collector of vintage clothing, Dr. Shelley respects the artistry and business of making fashion.




Finance - Dr. ShelleyFor twenty years, Dr. Shelley’s company, SRA, contracted with many financial organizations from large Wall Street giants to small providers of financial and related services to provide employee assistance programs and additional services such as executive coaching, crisis intervention,leadership and training seminars. She developed a unique expertise in investment banking, sales and trading, and other areas of the financial services industry, and earned a reputation as a trusted consultant, effective in the boardroom as well as the mailroom.

Dr. Shelley continues to consult and provide executive coaching to a wide variety of financial institutions.