People don’t leave their psychological selves, conscious and unconscious, at home when they come into the workplace, and there are many permutations of how work and self, and self and others, collide. It is essential to understand the basic psychology of people at work – people who work for you, with you, and the people you work for.

Employee engagement surveys consistently report high percentages of disengaged, unhappy workers. Most of the time, people are unhappy at work because of what goes on there that they do not understand: unconscious and problematic issues, behaviors,  relationships, and interactions specific to the workplace, that make their days unfulfilling, challenging in a negative way, disheartening and disappointing, and sometimes, a downright nightmare. You can have no illusions about how that affects the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

Like it or not, doing business today requires navigating the underground psychological terrain of people at work. What lies beneath the surface is often more important than what is visible. The subconscious culture shapes what is done and not done. Learning to use the tools of psychology can help people solve the mysteries of the workplace.You will understand what the real problem is when things go wrong and what you can do about it. It is only when the unconscious culture can be made more transparent that it can be changed. Learning how to make what is unconscious conscious is necessary for anyone to work productively. Becoming conscious and building a wide-awake, conscious culture is the key to modern leadership.

Shelley Reciniello USA Best Book 2014 Finalist


The Conscious Leader was honored to be a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards for 2014 in the Business: Management and Leadership category.

The Conscious Leader was also named Winner of the Next Generation INDIE Book Awards 2015Winner of the Best Business Book 2015 at the New York Book Festival, and Second Place Winner Best Business  Book 2015 Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

“This book is a must for anyone interested in creating better places to work.”  – Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries.,INSEAD Global Leadership Center

Waking-up and becoming conscious is an essential step for new leadership everywhere.” – Judith E. Glaser, CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc.

This is a welcome addition to all leadership books out there today.” – David C. O’Leary, Former Global Head of Human Resources Credit Suisse First Boston, former Global Head of Human Resources and Chief Administrative Officer, State Street Corporation

Reciniello has written a thoughtful, practical, accessible, antidote for leaders committed to greater self-awareness and to more reflective organizations.”  – Michael A. Diamond, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Organizational Change, University of Missouri