Dr. Shelley Reciniello, popularly known as Dr. Shelley, has spent over three decades as a psychologist determined “to give psychology away,” by demystifying psychological and psychoanalytic principles, and providing people and organizations with effective, practical information and methods to change their lives. READ MORE

The Conscious Leader: 9 Principles and Practices to Create a
Wide-awake and Productive Workplace

Why do things go wrong in companies that shouldn’t? The answer, according to Dr. Shelley often lies deep beneath the surface in the unconscious processes of leaders and their employees. Working as a consulting psychological detective, Dr. Shelley looks for the unrecognized, underlying psychological issues that caused the problem When what has gone wrong doesn’t make sense - a poised for success corporate initiative fails, a promising individual or team can’t perform, a well-conceived departmental project doesn’t deliver – she helps organizations and individuals find the real culprit. READ MORE

"There are 9 fundamental psychological truths of people at work that explain how we think, how we know ourselves, and how we interact with others. When we apply them every day, they help us become and stay conscious."


Dr. Shelley provides organizational consultation, leadership development programs, and executive coaching. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE


Dr. Shelley consults with organizations about diversity and inclusion, and provides programs and executive coaching for women in the workplace. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE


A tea connoisseur, Dr. Shelley writes and conducts seminars about taking tea as a method and a metaphor for living life fully. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE

Other Expertise

Dr. Shelley has particular expertise in consulting with organizations and entrepreneurs working in fashion, finance, and the arts. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE